The Queen Elizabeth 
Country Park Branding, Information & UI/UX Design
The Brief:
The Queen Elizabeth Country Park was a place I spent many hours at as a child, forever getting lost, having adventures and playing outside as children should. In recent years I revisited the park and felt that this feeling had been lost and took it upon myself to create a better wayfinding system. The Response:
To solve the problem first faced, I created an app system that gave the user all the 'predetermined' trails along with all the information they could need such as facility locations and crossover points, but in a very simple and easily understandable way.
The website mimicked the app's design and helped to encourage the users to link with their inner child and evoke exploration of their surroundings.
Trail markers were also created for each individual trail. These markers were designed to blend into their environment, enforcing the user to 'explore'.

All works © 2015 bentmdesign.

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