Information Design
The Dame Hannah's Trust are a charitable organisation situated in Newton Abbot, Devon who run programs for disabled adults over the age of 19. The Brief:
To create a new wayfinding system which engages the specific user group and takes into account their individual needs. The Response:
I took the existing map and split it into four areas which linked to 4 of the 5 senses. This aimed to engage the user and to offer a unique experience, making it more than just a journey from A to B.
The senses used were: touch, smell, sight and sound. Each section offered different activities that evoked each of these senses in a way the user may not have encountered before or been given the chance to interact with. This was an alternative to text based navigation as it enabled the visitors to understand the layout of the site on a much simpler level.
Alongside this the sites 'mascot' (the Indian running duck) was used to create an interactive alternative to signs or finger posts for navigating the site. Links:

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