Identity & Branding 

LWhether it's a logo that needs re-designing, or, a whole identity that needs creating my varied design styles are just what you have been looking for! I have designed fully branded identities for both companies and individuals, working with community artists to party delivery services. No job is too big or too small!

Editorial & Publishing

From book covers to magazine layouts, all offer such great opportunities for design and my out of the box approach could be exactly just what the 'author' ordered.  I have designed items ranging from posters to magazine inserts to packaging labels. So if books are your thing lets have a chat!

Information Design

If you have a new building or site that needs a new wayfinding system or some information that needs presenting, my logical thinking is exactly what you need!  I have worked with clients creating new and exiting wayfinding systems and the presentation of statistical information. So if a logical approach with a touch of excitement is what your after let me know!

Web Design

If it's designing and creating an online presence from, scratch, or taking your current branding and allowing your customers to reach you online I can help! I have designed websites which promote products  as well as individuals services. Some being heavily image based and others using specific guidelines.

Typographic Design

Typography can be the difference between communicating an idea and confusing your intended audience. So if communication is what you need, look no further! I have designed typefaces for personal projects and while at university, being for display or body text.

UI/UX Design

Got a ground breaking idea for the next biggest app? I could be the man to help you make your vision a reality. I have had the opportunity to design concepts that range from mapping systems to driving aids.