Third Lung

Logo & Album Artwork

At the tail end of last year, I was approached by Reading based musicians ‘Third Lung’ and asked to help produce artwork for what was their next album.

The band have a very distinct sound but couple it with classic rock style tones and powerful lyrical content. Tom (the bands lead singer) wanted the artwork to draw on a set of poems he had written about time he spent in Africa, touching on the things he saw coupled with the emotions these images created.

The title of the album: ‘The Girl with the Red Umbrella’ was taken from one of the more emotive poems and was my starting point when creating the visual language for the album. I wanted to create a visual that kept on giving the deeper the viewer looked into it, linking back to the lyrics of each song and that they contain more meaning than just the initial visual that’s imagined.

The final artwork features a multi exposed image representing the albums complexity in visual style, lyrical content and general emotive feeling.